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Final Fantasy XV: How to Craft an Insta-Kill Spell (Killcast)


Final Fantasy XV: How to Craft an Insta-Kill Spell (Killcast)

Insta-Kill – Final Fantasy XV

When crafting spells in Final Fantasy XV you can add a large variety of different effects, changing the purpose of the elemental bomb you’ve created. One of the effects you can add is called Killcast, and it has the chance to cause sudden death on your target, making short work of powerful foes. Unfortunately, the resources necessary for this spell tend to either be quite rare at times, or attached to strong monsters, so get ready to hunt.

So far we’ve found three catalysts that allow you to add this Insta-kill effect to your spells:

  • Gold Needle
  • Scorpion Stinger
  • Coeurl Whiskers

Simply add one of these in when combining your elements and you’ll watch enemies drop like flies.

Do note that like all other spells, some monsters have the ability to completely ignore this effect. Usually, it will be boss-level monsters or some that are well above your current level. Keep that in mind when out fighting, as you only have limited casts of each spell you create, including those with this insta-kill effect. As long as you scan enemies and check their weaknesses, you should be fine. Test it out, and have fun as the world bends to your will.

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