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Final Fantasy XV: How to Listen to Music While Walking


Final Fantasy XV: How to Listen to Music While Walking

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Playing Music While Walking – Final Fantasy XV

While you’re driving around Eos in the Regalia, you’ll get to listen to music tracks from past Final Fantasy games. However, if you want to listen to music when you’re not in the car, you can do that too. First off, have Ignis auto-drive the car to your next destination, and open up the navigation menu while you’re inside the car. Scroll down to the Shop option, and head to the Key Items tab to find the MP3 Player. This item only costs 100 Gil, so you should be able to afford it. Once you purchase the MP3 Player, you’ll have the ability to listen to music even when you’re just walking about on foot.

To activate the MP3 Player, hold down the L2 button (or LT if you’re on Xbox One) to bring up the MP3 menu. Click the up button on the d-pad to start playing music, and press left and right on the d-pad to change tracks, just like in the Regalia. You’ll now be able to listen to your music of choice while exploring the world without vehicles or other modes of transportation. However, do note that the music will fade out whenever you get into a battle.

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