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All Elementalist Lux Combinations – League of Legends


All Elementalist Lux Combinations – League of Legends

How to Unlock All Elementalist Lux Combinations – League of Legends

League of Legends’ newest ultimate skin, Elemenatlist Lux, has ten different elemental variations, but you won’t have access to all of them at once.

You’ll start every League of Legends match in Light form and slowly collect elemental power, which is earned slowly overtime as well as every time you damage enemy champions. Once Lux has enough power, she can master and transform into a new basic element.

The basic elements are Fire, Air, Nature, and Water. You’ll be able to choose two of these each game. Once you’ve gained enough elemental power to collect two of these transformations, you can combine then for a new element. Depending on which element combination you choose, you’ll unlock a new element form.

Here’s a rundown of all the element combinations:

  • Mystic Combination: Water + Nature
  • Magma Combination: Fire + Nature
  • Ice Combination: Water + Air
  • Storm Combination: Fire + Air
  • Dark Combination: Nature + Air/Water + Fire

Each of the ten elemental forms has its own model, recall, sound effects, particle effects, VO lines, and emotes. Most importantly, every form of Elementalist Lux has its own laugh. This is terrifying.

There’s no set price or release date for this skin as of now, but we’ll keep you updated on any Elementalist Lux news as it comes.

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