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Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Recruit More Allies


Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Recruit More Allies

Recruit – Dragon Ball Fusions

Dragon Ball Fusions is all about taking your team and making it to the biggest tournament to ever happen. Of course, you’ll need power and strategy, and to have strategy you need options. Those options come in the form of different fighters that you can recruit to join your cause. You’ll need these fighters not only to fight alongside you, though, as the different races are also required to hold and utilize certain energies (energy serves as a currency and resource in Dragon Ball Fusions).

If you want to hop right to it and start to recruit fighters, you’re going to have play a bit of the story first. Play through the story missions in order reach the third area where you come across Master Roshi. Talk to him and he’ll teach you how to impress and recruit fighters, kicking off the quest “Meet the Cutie!” You’ll be tasked with recruiting Oats, who will also teach you how to do so.

To recruit a fighter, look for the character that has a star beside their icon on the bottom screen. You will have to defeat them with a Zenkai Attack, which requires one unit of your Ultra Gauge to trigger. If successful, you will impress that fighter and they will join you. This will only work on those characters with a Star by them, so don’t waste your time if they don’t have it. Just win the fight normally and move onto the next one.

In due time, you’ll recruit an army of powerful armies to use in Dragon Ball Fusions.

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