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Dishonored 2: How to Kill Clockwork Soldiers


Dishonored 2: How to Kill Clockwork Soldiers

Bent steel.

The Clockwork Soldiers are perhaps Dishonored 2’s toughest enemies because they can output an insane amount of damage. These enemies also have a 360 degree blade attack, an energy beam, and can take a lot of punishment before being destroyed. Fighting these robots can be incredibly daunting, especially if they are backed up by human soldiers that will try and distract you.

If you do choose to fight these foes, try and always make the first blow is a drop attack as it will do a fair amount of damage to them. Since the Clockwork Soldiers cannot see one you remove their head, you can actually lure them under ledges so you can perform an air attack that will decapitate them. Once this happens, either Blink or Far Reach away so you can disengage. Try not to move much to prevent them from locking onto you and hunting you down.

Bullets and grenades are great for knocking some of their armor off, which will make them vulnerable to your sword. After you’ve reduced them to just an exo-skeleton, try and sneak behind them before striking at their arms and back with your sword. Get a few solid hits in before stepping back and waiting for them to use the beam attack.

After they discharge the laser, move back behind and strike until it is turned into nothing but mechanical parts. In terms of powers, Emily’s Doppelganger is great for distracting Clockwork Soldiers, which can allow you to isolate the fight if there is more than one. For Corvo, his Wind Blast is also quite useful, but sadly his powers are not nearly as useful if you need to fight more than one.

For gadgets try using the Stun Mines, Sticky Grenades, or Rewire tools on them to give you windows to attack them. The Stun Mine is perhaps the best option for this as it will leave them completely vulnerable for a few seconds, giving you a chance to hack off their arms. Always, alwaysgo for the limbs first. The torso has more armor and once you remove the arms this fight is way easier.

That being said, fighting a Clockwork Soldier in Dishonored 2 is all about patience and waiting for the right opportunity to counterattack. Remember to always eliminate any human soldiers before engaging the Clockwork Soldiers. With a bit of luck and a lot of skill, you will be dismantling these mechanical monstrosities in no time.

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