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Dishonored 2: How to Heal and Use Health Vials


Dishonored 2: How to Heal and Use Health Vials

When there’s no medic to help you out.

Dishonored 2 – Healing and Using Health Vials

While you can regenerate a small amount of health in Dishonored 2, it’s far safer to just use a health vial quickly if you’re in the middle of a fight. Instead of having to run away and wait for your health to regen, while running the risk of getting hit by enemies, a health vial will instantly heal up a portion of your bar and put you back into good shape.

Before you can heal up, first you need to actually have a health vial in your inventory. These can be bought or found throughout the game. To check how many you currently possess, take a look at your menu by pressing and holding the L1 button (or LB if you’re on Xbox One). The number of health vials you have is indicated in the left hand corner of the screen, next to the red vial icon. To use the health vial and regain some HP, simply tap the circle button while you’re still holding down the L1 menu button. This will restore your health, and allow you to go on fighting.

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