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Dishonored 2: Should You Play Corvo or Emily?


Dishonored 2: Should You Play Corvo or Emily?

The dishonored or the dishonorable?

Choosing between Corvo and Emily: Blink or Far Reach?


Those who are familiar with the original Dishonored will undoubtedly remember some of Corvo’s iconic supernatural abilities. The most recognizable one is likely the Blink ability, which allows Corvo to travel from one spot to another within range in an instance.

While Emily has a similar ability, her Far Reach makes some noteworthy changes to Corvo’s Blink. The main difference is that Emily doesn’t phase through the world around her, but rather grabs onto the environment and pulls herself towards that point, as it were. In a way, Far Reach bares some resemblance to Spider-Man’s web slinging ability in that it serves as a grapple hook.

Pick Corvo if: you wish to zig-zag between shadows effortlessly, remaining invisible to the eye of the careless guards in Dishonored 2.

Pick Emily if: invisibility isn’t a necessity, but fluidity and flexibility most certainly are. You want to fling yourself from one vantage point to the other, stalking your prey until the time is right to engage.

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