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CoD Infinite Warfare: How to Get All Equipment Upgrades


CoD Infinite Warfare: How to Get All Equipment Upgrades

Equipment Upgrades – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has a large campaign full of space battles, side missions, and a ton of trophies and achievements. There are also things you can collect in the game to make your life a bit easier as you’re blasting through enemies. Scattered throughout some of the missions are equipment upgrades for you to collect. These will power you and some of your gear up, and will also unlock the Fully Equipped trophy and achievement once you’ve nabbed them all.

Operation Port Armor – The first upgrade you’ll find is in the section where a time is triggered. Continue through the corridor until you come across a door on your right. Hack it to enter and investigate to unlock an armory where you’ll find what you’re looking for along with some weapons.

Operation Taken Dagger – During this mission, you will have to take down a C8 robot, after which you’ll enter a room with an armory. You’ll have to interact with the armory twice to open the door for some reason, but once inside, you’ll find a terminal at the back of the room which houses the next of your equipment upgrades.

Operation D-Con – When you’re on the Hellas and find yourself in the very first hallway, continue until you reach an ammunition box then turn left. There will be a hackable door with an upgrade terminal inside.

There’s a second upgrade in this mission after you help Salter clear out the room before an armory. Kill the four enemies, then collect your upgrade.

Operation Deep Execute – You’ll find a hackable door before you have to chase down the Technical Officer (a main objective int his mission). You’ll find yourself in a very large room, and the hackable door is located in one of the corners and it leads to an armory with another upgrade.

Operation Black Flag – As you progress through the mission, you’ll find yourself facing down a group of enemies along with a sniper as a building starts to crumble above you. Go to the door that is right behind where the sniper was. In there, you’ll find an upgrade.

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