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What’s New in WWE 2K17? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in WWE 2K17? Everything You Need to Know

Even better than before.

New and Improved Gameplay

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As the years go on, the WWE 2K developers strive to improve their games to give players the most realistic WWE experience possible. A lot of the fans complained about the core gameplay in previous titles, so you can definitely expect a massive overhaul in that department. One of the major changes in the series will be steering away from the arcade-style fighting and focusing on simulation-based gameplay. With that being said, WWE 2K17 is will have both new and improved mechanics making their way into the game.

Another change fans of the series requested was the return of the backstage and crowd brawls. In WWE 2K17, you will be able to control how, where, and with what you fight your opponent thanks to much more fluid gameplay. Ladder matches, Taunts, and the Secondary Submission series also received massive changes, that make the gameplay more accessible and pleasant to play. To give an authentic feeling, you can also expect the Superstars to perform thousands of new animations, that include signature moves, iconic entrances, and much more.

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