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10 Quick PSVR Launch Game Impressions


10 Quick PSVR Launch Game Impressions

The great, good, and the meh.

PlayStation VR Worlds


Senior Editor Chris Jecks: PlayStation VR Worlds is less a game and more a collection of different VR experiences. Included on the disc is the gritty action game, The London Heist, sci-fi exploration game, Scavengers Odyssey, immersive underwater experience Ocean Descent, fast-paced racing in VR Luge, and Danger Ball which is essentially a modern take on the classic Pong.

While each title definitely makes good use of the VR, some feel more polished than others. The London Heist, while short, is an enjoyable action-packed time, while VR Luge was a nauseating and blurry one. If you’re looking for a neat way to show off the immersive nature of VR experiences then Ocean Descent is a great way to introduce friends to the PSVR, but it offers little in terms of replayability.

As for Danger Ball, it’s a good bit of fun that’ll get you used to the head tracking of PSVR, but it feels like more of a mini-game than anything else. It’s actually Scavengers Odyssey that stands out as the most enjoyable title with its simple space exploration. Targeting the next little planet and spinning your way through the vast emptiness of space is as captivating as it sounds.

In terms of a launch title, VR Worlds falls a little short of the mark. If you picked it up as part of the Launch Package then consider it another demo disc. If you’re looking for something to try out on your new tech, you’re best looking elsewhere.

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