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Mafia III: How to Pick Up Guns and Ammo


Mafia III: How to Pick Up Guns and Ammo

Pick Up Guns and Ammo – Mafia III

There are several different guns in Mafia III that you, being the trained violent person that you are, can put to some very good use. Unfortunately, you can’t carry an unlimited amount of weapons, and are even restricted to just two when you first begin, one of which must be a sidearm. This means if you want something different, you’re going to have to pick it up, subsequently dropping what you already have equipped.

Thankfully, picking up weapons isn’t complicated. In order to do so, simply walk up to the weapon you want and hold Square/X. When close-by, you will see what the weapon is and how much ammunition you’ll have for it. This should aid your¬†decisions as you move through battlefields.

If you want to return to a weapon you dropped, simply go back to where you dropped it and pick it up again. Standard procedure.

As far picking up ammo goes, simply walk over a gun that matches one of the ones in your inventory. That will automatically pick up any spare ammo that may be on the ground. Sometimes walking over the enemy’s corpse will give ammo as well.

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