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Mafia III: All Playboy Magazine Locations Guide


Mafia III: All Playboy Magazine Locations Guide

All Playboy Magazine Locations in Mafia III

One of the main collectibles you’ll find littered around Mafia III’s city of New Bordeaux are Playboy magazines. Having released only the decade before the game’s 1968 setting, Playboy magazines were incredibly popular. As such, there are 50 to find littered around the streets of New Bordeaux.

We’ll be updating this page with all Playboy magazines discovered so far in Mafia III. We’ve yet to find them all, but have a good amount to get you going. Check back soon.

Mafia III Delray Hollow Playboy Magazine Locations

August 1964 – The very first Playboy magazine you’re likely to find is right in front of you when you head down to the basement in Sammy’s bar. Before you jump into bed, look on the left side of the room. You should see this issue on the table.

May 1964 – Head to the Double Barrel Bar and walk to the very end of the bar. You’ll see this Playboy magazine sat on the top.

August 1966 – For this one, you’ll want to make your way to the Everyday Laundromat in this district. When you enter, head to the very back and look for the office. This Playboy magazine is on the desk.

November 1967 – This one can be a little tricky to find just because of the building it’s in. This is inside a really rundown, damaged green house in Delray Hollow. If you head inside, it’s on the desk in the living room area.

These are all of the magazines to find in Delray Hollow. Next up, all the Playboy magazine locations for Pointe Verdun.

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