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Hitman Season Finale Coming this Halloween

Hitman, HDR

Hitman Season Finale Coming this Halloween

Trick or treat?

The date for the season finale of Hitman has been revealed, with the final mission set to take place on Oct. 31st. This last task will take Agent 47 to Hokkaido, Japan in a mission entitled Situs Inversus.

The date was revealed on the official Hitman Twitter, with the tweet stating that “Agent 47 must travel to Japan & locate 2 targets at a hyper-exclusive private hospital.” It has yet to be confirmed who the two targets will be, with the only information so far being that the mission will take place in a secluded yet beautiful looking facility, boasting traditional Japanese landscapes with hot springs and Cherry Blossoms present in the private hospital and resort.

Hitman began its episodic process back in March this year. Prior to this, it was revealed that the game would release episodically, opposed to releasing as a full game. Over the past seven months, Agent 47 has travelled to locations spanning the globe from the likes of Italy and France to Thailand and the United States. Season two for Hitman has yet to be confirmed, but a tweet from the game’s account back in August suggests that there will be three seasons, which is likely to span over the course of three years.


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