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Giant PlayStation VR Headset Erected in London

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Giant PlayStation VR Headset Erected in London

What is this? A headset for giants?

In order to help promote the release of the PlayStation VR headset, Sony has installed a massive replica of a VR headset in London Kings Cross Station. It’s hard to ignore an advert when you have to walk around it.

As VideoGamer reports, PlayStation UK has aptly described the piece as “flipping massive”. The huge VR set can actually be entered and you can go inside to try out PlayStation VR for yourself.


PlayStation VR is set to officially launch tomorrow along with some pretty interesting games such as Batman: Arkham VR, DriveClub VR, and Untl Dawn: Rush of Blood.

So far it seems only London is the only place a giant VR headset has been installed. We’re pretty sure people would’ve noticed if they’d popped up elsewhere. Are you excited for VR? Have you got yours pre-ordered?

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