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Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel: How to Get Millwood Greatbow


Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel: How to Get Millwood Greatbow

Bringing death at a distance.

Millwood Greatbow – Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel

Now that Dark Souls III’s first DLC has been released, players are scouring this deadly new world for all sorts of weapons and armor. One of those is the incredibly powerful Millwood Greatbow that can do a substantial amount of damage if used correctly. Much like other Dark Souls III Greatbows, this one will increase in damage with a Strength heavy character.

In order to locate this weapon, spawn at the initial bonfire and head right until the ground beneath you crumbles. Once you are in the forest, head straight and take on the wolf pack waiting for you. Make sure to kill this group quick because their howl will summon more for you to fight, which can lead to a quick death if you’re surrounded. Once they are dead, either deal with the Great Wolf that spawns or just run by him and head right up the hill.

Soon you will encounter an area full of ruins and a giant viking that is actually quite powerful. Be patient and try to land a back-stab on him when he goes for a big swing at you. These guys can be stun-locked fairly easily, so if your stamina is almost full, you can waste them quickly and without issue. Continue to head right and make sure to dodge the incoming arrows from an archer in the tower. Pass by the monster trees (or kill them) and hang left once you reach the top of this cliff. There will be two archers with a pair of wolves protecting them.

Try to lure the wolves away from their masters and dispatch them quickly before the others join the fight. Much like the viking you previously fought, these two can get back stabbed and stun-locked fairly easily. Always try to manage one at a time and make sure to not get too close when one plants his mace into the ground. They have an earth shatter attack that can do some real work on your poor Ashen One.

Once they are both dead your Millwood Greatbow prize can be found on a dead corpse just behind them. Now you can go back to that annoying archer in the tower and show him what for! The Millwood Greatbow is just one of the new Dark Souls III weapons, so make sure to pick yours up as soon as possible.

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