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Civilization VI: How to Use Builders and What They Do


Civilization VI: How to Use Builders and What They Do

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In Civilization V, there used to be Workers who, when built by your empire, could work tiles to improve resources in your borders to create more happiness and gold. You could automate them to work on your resource tiles, and they would take a few turns to complete. The system is back in Civilization VI, but it’s a bit different.

Workers are now Builders, who can be produced in the same manner as the last game, but only have a limited amount of charges, after which they despawn. Each builder has 3, which means that you can work 3 different tiles before they disappear forever. The improvements are now instant. This makes it a bit more tactical, as you have to choose if you want to work on a Strategic, Luxury, or Bonus resource. This will of course depend on your playstyle, and what yields you want to focus on.

Some improvements, like mines, farms, or pastures, can even unlock tech boosts, which can further aid your civilization. Some governmental policies also upgrade the charges on your builders. They may have changed how they’re used, but Builders are still incredibly paramount to the success of your civilization.

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