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Civilization VI: How to Get Archaeologists So You Can Extract Artifacts


Civilization VI: How to Get Archaeologists So You Can Extract Artifacts

Archaeologists – Civilization VI

Civilization VI welcomes back the archaeological discoveries that you could make in the previous iteration. This time around, it’s a bit more of a trek to get to producing Archaeologists, unfortunately.

In order to get archaeologists, you will need to move your way through the civic tree towards Natural History. This will take you awhile, so in the mean time, get yourself a theater district. Build an amphitheater on it, once you do. Once that’s done, never build an art museum on that theater district. This will null your ability to build an archaeological museum; it’s one or the other. So, keep the theater square empty for a bit until you can build the archaeological museum. These require the Humanism technology to have been researched. Once you do, and you’ve discovered Natural History, you’re able to produce (or buy) archaeologists at that city.

These units can be moved over to where artifacts are (appearing as either broken down Corinthian columns or ship wrecks on the map) and used to excavate whatever artifact is there. Once you do, bring it on back to your civilization for some sweet rewards.

For more help with Civilization VI, be sure to check out our ever expanding wiki full of guides and tips!

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