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Civilization VI: How to Found or Settle or Start a City


Civilization VI: How to Found or Settle or Start a City

Start or Found or Settle a City in Civilization VI

The main part of your civilization in Civilization VI will be your cities. They are your production houses and without them, you wouldn’t have much of science, culture, production, or anything else, really. So how do you start more of them? It’s time to found some cities, players.

Settlers are the units you’ll need in order to found and start up a city. At the start of every random game, you will be given a settler automatically, and you can choose where you would like your first city to rise up from nothingness. Keep into account the tiles surrounding this space, for each city needs to have ample food, production, and luxury resources to grow more and more. Once you’re ready to settle, move your settler to that specific tile and click on the Found a City button on your Settler unit’s action menu, and you’ll see your first one pop up.

In order to get more of these, the process is pretty simple. Get your hands on some Settlers (whichever way you want to do this) and rinse and repeat the same way you did the first time. That’s all there is to it!

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