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Civilization VI: How to Change Unit Names


Civilization VI: How to Change Unit Names

Change Unit Names – Civilization VI

Civilization VI may not let you change your city names, but changing a unit’s name is an absolute possibility. And it even earns you a Steam Achievement for doing so. It’s not too easy to do, though.

If you’re looking for a way to name a unit straight out of the gate, stop looking. This can only happen with military units, and requires that they level up a couple of times prior to granting the ability to rename them. They’re picky like that. Once you do level them up three times, you’ll be given the option next to their movements and actions that’s a pen quill. Click on it to either name them yourself, or ask for a random name to give them. My ranger unit is called the Alpine Apes. Thanks Civilization VI for the cool, random name.

That’s all there is to changing a unit’s name! Now, make sure they don’t die enough times to get them really strong and therefore worthy of even being named. It’s a lot like naming your cattle if you’re a farmer. A bad idea until you know they’re going to stick around.

For more help with Civilization VI, be sure to check our our ever expanding wiki full of guides and tips!

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