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Civilization VI: How to Build Roads and What They Do


Civilization VI: How to Build Roads and What They Do

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Building Roads – Civilization VI

Once you’ve founded your first city in Civilization VI, you’re going to want to build a road connecting the new city and your capital. By building a road that connects the two, you’ll be able to establish a trade route that increases your food gains, productivity, and bonus gold for your city state as a whole. This is incredibly helpful in keeping you from bleeding money, and it helps with your future development projects as well. Also, building roads to connect your cities will free up some tiles for your city borders, and allow you to deploy Builders to improve those tiles so you can get your hands on even more resources.

To build a road, first you need a Trader unit. You can get one by purchasing them with gold, or simply selecting them from your development menu and waiting an appropriate number of turns. Once your Trader unit is up and running, select him, and a menu will pop up on the left side of your screen, showing you the various locations you can send the Trader to. Pick your destination, and your Trader will start establish a road and trade route between your capital and the selected location. Once that’s done, you can put your Trader to sleep and wake him up again if you need another road to be built.

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