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Civilization VI: How to Get More Housing


Civilization VI: How to Get More Housing

We all need a place to live.

Housing – Civilization VI

Building housing areas for your people in Civilization VI is important because that’s how your civilization grows. Simply put, if you don’t have enough residential areas, then people won’t be inclined to come to your city, and you won’t be able to embark on bigger and more ambitious projects.

To increase housing for your people, you’ll need some Builder units to clear and improve your tiles. Building pastures will provide one unit of food and 0.5 units of housing. Remember that Builders only have three uses before they expire, so use them wisely. You can also build districts and other structures to increase your citizen slots. Later on in the game, if you’ve done enough research, you can also build neighborhoods in your civilization. These are more sophisticated forms of residential units that will be able to provide housing for even more citizens, and allow the civilization to grow further.

Aside from that, remember to provide enough food and amenities for your people so that they don’t end up feeling unhappy and revolt against you. If you don’t have enough food and amenities to sustain your civilization, consider focusing on those two aspects first before expanding.

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