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The Best Main Resident Evil Games: All 8 Ranked


The Best Main Resident Evil Games: All 8 Ranked

8) Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is by no means a bad video game. It looks great, sounds great, and has great action sequences. So why is it so low on this list? The fifth main title entry in this long running series was meant to build on the incredible success of Resident Evil 4. What fans got instead was a game that was more of a Call of Duty meets Gears of War hybrid skinned in Resident Evil lore and gameplay, rather than a survival horror game.

Action took center stage and the infected were meant to swarm and overwhelm you instead of scaring you. The undead gave their positions away by yelling and charging players, and while the tension certainly built at key points of the game, it was never really the right kind of tension, given that ammo was always available throughout the adventure. The addition of a co-op or AI-controlled partner also took away from the feelings of isolation and lone survival the series built its name on. This was not a horror game. At its best, RE5 was a nail-biting action game. At its worst, it was a monotonous third-person shooter.

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