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Battlefield 1: How to Get Battlepacks


Battlefield 1: How to Get Battlepacks

Battlepacks – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 sees the return of Battlepacks; those boxes you’ll earn every so often that’ll get you a neat skin for your weapons. However, this time around they’ve had a little switch up, so here’s how you get them now.

The main way you’ll get Battlepacks is by randomly being rewarded them at the end of a match. While you’re by no means guaranteed to get one at the end of the match, you’ll just have to keep playing until they drop. The other way involves Scrap.

Scrap is basically a currency that can only be spent on Battlepacks. You’ll get it by Scrapping any weapon skins you get that are duplicates or for whatever reason you don’t want. When you first get a weapon skin, you should see the option to scrap it just below the Add to Inventory option. Do this, and the Scrap will be added to your account. Battlepacks currently start at 200 Scrap, and you can scrap a Special weapon skin for 30. While Distinguished and Legendary skins will grant you 90 and 270 Scrap respectively, it could still take you a while to get enough for a Battlepack, so best get saving.

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