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Battlefield 1: How to Fly a Plane


Battlefield 1: How to Fly a Plane

How to Fly a Plane – Battlefield 1

Just like its predecessors, Battlefield 1 offers huge multiplayer battles that span land, sea, and air. While taking to the skies or the seas can be beneficial for capturing objectives and keeping the enemy at bay, it’s important to know how to utilize these different vehicles effectively. The trickiest to learn is the plane, so here’s a few pointers to take you on your way to greatness.

First things first, it’s incredibly important to get a full understanding of the controls. Your left stick is going to control your speed. Pressing forward on the stick will speed your plane up while pulling back on it will slow you down. The right stick is the one you’ll be using to control the direction that you start flying in. It’s important to remember that the controls are inverted too, so pressing up on the right stick will actually send you heading straight down. It may seem obvious, but remembering this will avoid any flights ending prematurely.

Now that you know the controls, there’s an important rule you need to learn to succeed – going fast everywhere isn’t the solution to everything. While it’ll certainly make you a more difficult target to hit, you’ll actually find that slowing down and making sharp corners and acrobatic loops in the air will be far more effective at keeping you alive. To turn more sharply, all you have to do is pull back on your left stick to slow down and then turn.

Pick up the controls quickly and learn to avoid flying in straight lines, and you’ll be mastering the skies before you know it.

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