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What Is The Tomorrow Children? Everything You Need to Know


What Is The Tomorrow Children? Everything You Need to Know

Fight giant Godzillas.

The Tomorrow Children

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The Tomorrow Children is a free-to-play online sandbox game that takes place in a world where mankind is on the verge of extinction. By teaming up with other players, your job is to stop monsters from invading your city. Aside from just fending off monsters, players will also be able to explore nearby areas for resources and materials, and these can be used to rebuild your civilization and restore it to its former glory. Similar to survival and crafting games like Minecraft, The Tomorrow Children will allow players to mine for resources, and use them to build items and structures in your world.

There will be multiple towns scattered across the land, and it’s your job to visit each of these towns to help rebuild them. These towns will also serve as hubs where you can stock up on items. Towns are also where you get critical missions, which you should complete to help rebuild the civilization. While you’re traveling the land, you’ll also encounter gigantic monsters known as the Izverg. In order to fend them off, you’ll have to position cannons and barriers around your town to take them down.

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