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Top 10 Best Destiny Raid Moments Guardians Won’t Forget


Top 10 Best Destiny Raid Moments Guardians Won’t Forget

Raiding through the ages.

10. The Gorgan Maze – Vault of Glass

gorgon, destiny

Unlike any of the other entries on this list, the maze found in the Vault of Glass was based around stealth and speed. In order to pass through this section you couldn’t let a Gorgan see you otherwise they would activate an ability and wipe the entire party. This was a superb change of pace for the Vault of Glass raid, as the last three sections were all focused on mechanics and combat.

By adding in a stealth section it not only allowed the raid team to catch their collective breaths but helped reinforce the concept of teamwork. If everyone goes and runs off there is a far higher chance they will be spotted and cause the entire fireteam to die. It’s a shame we haven’t gotten another area like this since the first raid, but traversing the maze will always be a memorable moment.

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