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Destiny Rise of Iron: SIVA Engine Puzzle Guide for Outbreak Prime


Destiny Rise of Iron: SIVA Engine Puzzle Guide for Outbreak Prime

SIVA Engine – Destiny: Rise of Iron

The SIVA Engine is an item you get once you pick up the Channeling the Corruption quest. This item will play a major role in your obtaining of the new exotic raid weapon, the Outbreak Prime.

The SIVA engine will actually present players with three different puzzles throughout the course of the exotic quest line in Destiny: Rise of Iron. These can be pretty tricky and require you and your Fireteam to work together to get all of the proper values. Thankfully, the folks over on Reddit have provided a calculator with the values you need that helps to solve all of these.

Simply head over to this link to calculate the values you’ll need to solve the SIVA Engine puzzle, as well as a table that will help you with the very last portion of the quest line. Once all puzzles are solved, and all of the quests are completed, you’ll be able to return to Shiro-4 and get your brand new Outbreak Prime Rise of Iron pulse rifle that releases SIVA swarms upon enemies after Precision Kills and multiple hits.

Happy hunting, Guardians, and for more Rise of Iron help, check out our most requested guides down below:

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