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The 4 Biggest Worries We Have About Destiny: Rise of Iron


The 4 Biggest Worries We Have About Destiny: Rise of Iron

A few worries.

No Cayde-6 in Rise of Iron

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One of the surprisingly great features of Destiny’s last major expansion, The Taken King, was the fleshing out of Cayde-6 who, up until that point, served little more purpose than being a vendor at the Tower. He is now a fan favorite full of humor and wit. Fans will never forget his incessant chatter and how he brought life into the adventure.

It’s a difficult thing to insert such a strong character to an already existing universe, especially when said universe isn’t known for having a particularly strong story in-game. While new quests, weapons, and abilities all sweeten the deal, it’s those rare moments when you get to really connect with a character that let an expansion truly shine. We can only hope that whoever steps up to the plate next within Rise of Iron, whether it be Lord Saladin himself or one of the new NPCs, brings as much character and life to the overall experience as our Exo buddy.

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