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Is the PS4 Pro Right for You? Take This Quiz to Find Out


Is the PS4 Pro Right for You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Let us help you answer that.

Do You Have a PS4?

ps4 playstation 4

Let’s start off nice and simple. Do you have a PS4 already? Whether you’re normally an Xbox, Nintendo, or PC player, or just haven’t made the jump from the PS3 to Sony’s latest hardware yet, the PS4 offers a range of features and benefits including some of the best games as exclusive experiences. On the other hand, you may well be a PS4 owner and looking to upgrade for a number of different reasons. Maybe your PS4 has been on the fritz for a while, or maybe those beautiful visuals shown off during Sony’s PlayStation Meeting are what you want in your own living room.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, there’s plenty of reasons to pick up or not pick up the new system. Your answer here and to the questions that follow will help you to determine whether upgrading to the PS4 Pro is really going to be right for you. Simply click the Yes or No at the bottom of each page to answer that question, and follow it right until the end. Ignore the arrows just above the title of each page… let your answers guide you to your PS4 Pro fate!





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