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Journey: How to Get the White Robe and Cloak Embroideries


Journey: How to Get the White Robe and Cloak Embroideries

It’s all about the look.

There is much more to enjoy in Journey than just its awe-inspiring levels and fantastic music. The game is riddled with collectibles to discover and nothing is more desirable than the White Robe and Cloak Embroideries.

Journey ,White Robe

The White Robe is the most sought after upgrade in Journey. The reason for this is that the White Robe can be obtained at the beginning of each new game and provides a longer scarf right at the start. Even better than that, the robe will automatically recover scarf energy while the player remains on the ground which lets you float your way throughout the game with relative ease. Obtaining the White Robe isn’t very difficult, but it does require a bit of time. By acquiring each Glowing Symbol scarf upgrade in the game, you’ll get the Transcendence trophy and the robe will become available at the entrance to the hub in the first area. Simply step onto the glowing platform of dangling cloth and you’ll step out with a shiny new cloak. Keep in mind that you don’t have to get each scarf upgrade in a single playthrough, so you can spread it out or even abuse Chapter Select to gather the ones you don’t already have.

Cloak Embroideries are special designs that will appear on the bottom of your cloak. They don’t give the player any special attributes, but they do look really, really cool. They are gained in sections by completing the game multiple times through. A new embroidery will be added to your cloak each time you beat the game up to three times. You have to completely beat the game from the introduction level all the way to the end in order to get the new design. The embroideries will appear on both the regular cloak as well as the White Robe and will also glow when charged by floating cloth or another player.

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