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Here’s How Much You’ll Spend in Total on a PS4 Pro Future


Here’s How Much You’ll Spend in Total on a PS4 Pro Future

It’s an expensive future.

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PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro

Sony has a lot going on in its short-term future. Alongside stepping into the realm of virtual reality with its PlayStation VR (PSVR) hardware, the company also revealed its latest addition to the PS4 family: the PS4 Pro. With these latest releases on the horizon, it’s quite likely that Sony fans out there have already started wondering about what all of this new tech is going to cost.

To help you with that, we’ve broken down a bunch of the products you’re probably going to want to keep up with the future of the PS4. Of course, one or two of these may not apply to you depending on whether or not Sony’s plans interest you, but it’s a good barometer nonetheless.

First things first is Sony’s powerhouse system, the PS4 Pro. Able to display games in 4K and utilize HDR technologies, the PS4 Pro works out at just over twice as powerful as the current PS4. Though it’s not likely to offer drastically different experiences in terms of gameplay, and won’t be receiving any exclusive titles, this is a piece of tech that anyone seeking the best-looking experiences will be interested in.

The PS4 Pro was revealed to set you back $399 when it releases Nov. 10. You’ll get everything you need inside the box, and all of your current PS4 games will play on the system just fine. You won’t have to pay for any updates to get your games utilizing this additional horsepower either, although the extent to the visuals in games are improved comes down to the developer’s discretion.

PS4 Pro: $399

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