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Forza Horizon 3: How to Get Fans


Forza Horizon 3: How to Get Fans

Fans – Forza Horizon 3

Fans are a sort of new currency in Forza Horizon 3. They aren’t spent like you would spend a Skill Point or some of your hard-earned Credits, but instead unlock certain actions as you reach milestones (10K, 100K, 1 Million, etc.). You’ll want to collect as many as you can, as they are the only way you’ll be able to upgrade your Festival venue and unlock other locations to expand. Without people wanting to see your race, there really isn’t much of a point, right?

Thankfully, obtaining Fans in Forza Horizon 3 isn’t very difficult. They like just about anything you do, as long as its official. That means races, PR Stunts, Showcases, and challenges dotted around the map will earn you the love of the masses, even if you don’t win. You’ll also get bonus followers if you complete any of the aforementioned activities with a bit of extra style, since they love cool driving.

The only activities that won’t net you any Fans, however, are Street Races. This is because they are illegal, so they are largely frowned upon. Also, you won’t earn fans for simply driving around, no matter how many tricks you pull off, so keep that in mind.

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