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Destiny Rise of Iron: Metal and Flesh Quest Walkthrough


Destiny Rise of Iron: Metal and Flesh Quest Walkthrough

Metal and Flesh – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Metal and Flesh is a quest given to players by Shiro-4, the Vanguard Scout located at the Felwinter Peak social space. Not everyone receives the quest right away; he seems to give it to players that have completed most of Rise of Iron’s main quests, but it may also be tied to light level. This is a Wrath of the Machine quest, so it may actually prove to be the starting of the quest for the Raid Exotic, sort of like how Hunger Pangs kicked things off in The Taken King for the Touch of Malice, but there isn’t enough information to be sure just yet.

So far we know of the first two steps of this Quest line, the first being titled Metal and Flesh. You will have to find and destroy the Splicers that are controlling the war in the Plaguelands. You will have three main objectives:

  • Defeat the Archpriest in Old Russia, Earth
  • Repair the Siege Engine in Old Russia, Earth
  • Defeat Aksis in Old Russia, Earth.

Once that is completed you will be sent to start the second step, which requires speaking to Shiro-4 once again at the Iron Temple on Felwinter Peak. He will give you more objectives in Old Russia, which will reward you with a SIVA Cache Key used to open a chest inside of Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Wrath of Machine raid.

Due to the random nature of this particular questline, it’s currently unclear if it will lead to more as the week progresses. We’ll make sure to update you.

Safe travels, Guardians. For more Destiny: Rise of Iron help, check out our wiki for guides and tips!

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