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Darkest Dungeon – How and When to Set up Camp


Darkest Dungeon – How and When to Set up Camp

Among the stars and screams.

Setting Up Camp – Darkest Dungeon

When exploring the cruel and unforgiving world of Darkest Dungeon it can be nice to set up a camp and relax from the horrors waiting just around the corner. Camping is a way for your team of adventurers to not only sit back and regain some health but lower their stress levels and make the next series of encounters easier. However, you can only camp in certain dungeons, as ones that are too short will not give you the option and you will need to force your way through without a rest. For medium and large-sized dungeons you can purchase the Firewood supply at the vendor which will allow you to set up a camp.

You can set a camp up anywhere in the dungeon, but we recommend that you wait until just before a boss room or after a grueling fight. Camping is a surprisingly powerful resource and it’s one you will not want to squander anytime soon. When you set up camp there will be two phases that your party goes through, a food phase and a skill phase. For the food phase, you will be given a prompt to decide how much you want to feed your heroes. This will take food out of your ration supply, so make sure you bring extra if you’re planning on setting up a camping site deep within a dungeon.

The food benefits are as follows:

  • 0 Food will give your party 20% damage and 15% stress
  • 2 Food will give you no effect
  • 4 Food with gain your party 10% of their health
  • 8 Food will give your party 25% health and lose 10 stress

The number of food needed will decrease for each party member that has died before setting up camp and sometimes those who are Afflicted will refuse to eat out right. When you move onto the skill phase of the camping section you will be asked to choose “Camping Skills.” You can only have 12 and many of them will be worth more than just 1 point, so make sure to choose carefully. Also, because this is Darkest Dungeon, you can actually be ambushed and attacked if you aren’t careful, so be sure to be on guard.

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