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Top 5 Best Highlights From the Sony TGS 2016 Conference


Top 5 Best Highlights From the Sony TGS 2016 Conference

Tofubeats though.

5. Nioh Getting a Worldwide Release


Koei Tecmo’s General Producer, Kou Shibusawa, made an appearance at Sony’s TGS conference today, and brought great tidings. Shibusawa showed off the company’s lineup of games for the coming months, with the Berserk video game adaptation coyly peeking out at us from the corner. But the biggest news came from the announcement of Nioh’s official release date.

Nioh has had an alpha and a beta demo for the PS4 this year, and Team Ninja has been very active in collecting feedback from players and making necessary adjustments from the data they’ve gathered. Shibusawa talked a little about Team Ninja’s development process and their commitment to the project before finally announcing that the game would be released next February. Not only that, it was also announced that Nioh will be getting a simultaneous worldwide release, so English-speaking fans wouldn’t have to worry about waiting additional days or weeks before they got to play it too.

We didn’t get any new gameplay footage for Nioh, but it was still really cool to receive a firm release date for this highly anticipated action RPG.

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