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7 Incredible Games You Might’ve Overlooked Last Month


7 Incredible Games You Might’ve Overlooked Last Month

You may want to go back and give these a try.


(PS4, PC)


August had some big action titles and some triple A releases that really pulled a lot of the focus throughout the month, so you’d be excused for passing over this artistic adventure game. Developed by Giant Squid (a studio founded by Matt Nava, art director of Flower and Journey), Abzu places players into a beautiful, underwater world. Exploration is the primary focus of the game as you move from chapter to chapter, interacting with the aquatic life all around you and making your own little discoveries.

It’s a concise, thoughtful experience for those who like something a bit different from their games. If you’re looking for a sort of palette cleanser between all of the shooting and loud noises, you may want to give this bite-sized gem a try. 

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