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5 Ways to Tell a Game Won’t Live Up to Its Own Hype


5 Ways to Tell a Game Won’t Live Up to Its Own Hype

These are signs that you should probably temper your excitement.

Hype Doesn’t Match Game Description


One of the easiest ways that you can tell a game isn’t going to live up to its hype is if all of the things people are excited for were never even said. There are many examples of this, some recent ones being No Man’s Sky and The Witness. The Witness was a truly amazing puzzle game, yet some were a little disappointed that there was nothing to the game outside of puzzles, and it wasn’t what they expected, even though that’s all the trailers ever really showed outside of a bit of walking around.

No Man’s Sky is sort of in this same boat, although this one is a bit trickier. On one hand, there are quite a few promised features that just aren’t available in the game just yet, although Hello Games says they will be added in… eventually. If you were expecting all of that and ended up being disappointed then yeah, they deserve all of the disappointment levied at them. But, there are also a few out there who were upset for reasons nobody knows. Sean Murray, who may have bit off more than he could chew, was always clear about the exploratory nature of the game, and stated many times how you would spend most of the time alone. It was to be an individual journey, with some multiplayer sprinkled in (which we’re hoping still comes some day), but still a very solitary endeavor indeed.

When the game did eventually launch, the crowd was split over whether they loved what was included versus being upset over what was still missing. Then there were those who were surprised at what the game actually was, having no idea what No Man’s Sky even was. Needless to say that they were very disappointed at the slower, more methodical nature of the product.

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