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Top 10 Best FPS Games You Can Play on Steam Right Now


Top 10 Best FPS Games You Can Play on Steam Right Now

First person wonders.

10. Team Fortress 2

team fortress 2

If you haven’t heard of Team Fortress 2 by now, we have reason to believe you were truly born yesterday. Or at least in late 2014. Team Fortress 2 is a team-based shooter that pits team RED against team BLU in a variety of game modes, with nine vastly different playable classes to choose from throughout each match.

Ever since its release in 2007, the community has grown significantly after the game went free-to-play. Now everyone can enjoy the fun madness that is Team Fortress 2, and its in-game item drops that provide an extra reason to keep coming back for more. Collecting these items — ranging from trinkets to locked crates to its infamously beloved hats — allows you to personalize each of the game’s classes, with many unique weapons boasting their own benefits that will change the way you play one certain character.

Whether you’re rushing in with the Pyro setting enemies ablaze or defending the objective with the Heavy’s powerful minigun, players are frequently forced to pick different classes that better suit the flow and pace of that one certain match. It’s that constant dynamic that keeps players invested after almost a decade, without even mentioning how fluid and natural every class handles.

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