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WoW Legion: How to Get to Broken Isles from Both Orgrimmar and Stormwind


WoW Legion: How to Get to Broken Isles from Both Orgrimmar and Stormwind

World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion introduces a whole new world: The Broken Isles. This new area is where you’ll find Legion’s new content, including class halls, quests, and dungeons. But how do you get there?

How to get to the broken isles for the first time

Getting to the Broken Isles simply requires you follow the Legion quest line and playing out the Broken Shore scenario. You’ll be prompted to begin the scenario after logging into a character on a World of Warcraft account that has purchased the Legion expansion. Following the objectives will lead you through the Broken Shore, and eventually to Dalaran.

At some point, Dalaran is going to get moved to the Broken Isles, with you inside of it. Once this quest moment is complete, you will have officially reached Legion’s new zone. An envoy will greet you near Krasus’ Landing, and shortly after a courier will approach you with instructions on how to find your class hall.

The beginning Legion quests were available for a short time before the expansion’s full launch. If you completed the introduction beforehand, then you’re already at Dalaran in the Broken Shore and should have your Dalaran Hearthstone. Congrats!

If you’ve already completed the Broken Shore story and received a new Dalaran Hearthstone on at least one character, you’ll be able to skip it when beginning Legion on another character. You’ll be able to turn in your log-in quest to an NPC at the Horde’s Dranosh’ar Blockade or the Alliance’s Stormwind Harbor and be given the option to skip these introductory bits.

How to get to Dalaran in the Broken Isles from Stormwind

During the initial Legion quests, you can find a mage holding open a portal to the Broken Isles Dalaran in the Stormwind Harbor. He’s right up the stairs that lead from the docks up to the city, next to the giant lion statue.

Later on, you’ll find the portal by entering Stormwind Keep, and hanging a left into a room just past the entrance.

How to Get to Dalaran in the Broken Isles from Orgrimmar

Between The Valley of Strength and The Valley of Spirits is a dark tunnel that leads underground into The Cleft of Shadow. Just inside and to the right you’ll find a portal to the Broken Isles Dalaran.

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