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4 Big Ways We Happy Few Differs From BioShock


4 Big Ways We Happy Few Differs From BioShock

Two utopias that couldn’t be further apart in their search for perfection.

We Happy Few is a dark game set in an even darker world, where science has harshly changed how humanity deals with its past. The atmosphere is overbearing yet beautiful in the way only the decay of beautiful, war-torn cities could be. The people who inhabit this town, eloquently named Wellington Wells, are twisted visages of people in love with their utopia. They’ve become part of the very darkness that surrounds them. This is reminiscent of another game, one that many who lay eyes upon We Happy Few can’t help but compare it to: BioShock.

we happy few, bioshock

While there are some similarities, the two games are decidedly different. One must only take a look behind the torn veil of a utopia to see how far apart the games truly are.

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