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Story – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide


Story – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide

Yes, There’s a Story

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At first glance, it’s easy to assume that No Man’s Sky is just another one of those huge games that drops you into a seemingly endless sandbox to create your very own story. While that is entirely possible, what with the 18 quintillion worlds and all, there is also a deep story weaved between every star and planet. One that tries to entice you into following its threads to the center of the great mystery that is the universe.

No Man’s Sky’s narrative is not of the linear variety, though. It sends you on multiple chases, allowing your decisions to help mold your own, unique experience. But there are some constants that all players can expect when they dive into the adventure themselves.

There are some spoilers ahead. We’ve tried our best to avoid any major plot points, but if you’d like for everything in No Man’s Sky to be a complete surprise, you may want to turn back now.

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