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Starbound: How to Get Crew Members


Starbound: How to Get Crew Members

On your adventure through space, you may find yourself requiring a little bit of extra help. Here’s how to crew members for your Starbound ship and how to get them to follow you around.

For those completely unaware of what Crew members are, let us explain. These are specialized NPCs that will come along with you for your adventure. Not only that, but they’ll also provide some sort of bonus for either yourself or your ship (well, most will anyway). You can get crew members simply by completing quests for them or by helping them in one way or another. Once you’ve completed whatever prerequisite you needed to in order to gain their favor, they’ll request permission to join your crew. Another way to recruit crew members is to kill Dreadwing and purchase Pengwings.

Once you’ve got people happy enough to join you on your Starbound adventure, you’ll need to return to your ship and drop off a crew member. To do this, simply target them on the ship and press E. This will then leave them on the ship. Simply do this every time you want to recruit a new member, but remember you’ll need to upgrade your ship to be able to accommodate more and more crew.

To do this, you’ll need to either pay for the fake license at the outpost or get a real license by adding to your crew via SAIL. Once you’ve attained either one of these licenses, all you have to do is upgrade your ship by speaking to the NPC, and purchase the necessary upgrade modules. Once this is done, you’ll be able to keep more people on your ship.

If you want your crew members to follow you around in Starbound, it’s important to note that you can only have two following you at a time. To get a crew member to follow you, simply click on them and they will display a “Following” or “Waiting” message. Ensure that they are following and go off on your adventure. Be warned that some crew members, like a Tailor, cannot follow you as their specific ability replaces the follow option.

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