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Spelunky: How to Get to Hell


Spelunky: How to Get to Hell

Though there may only seemingly be four areas in the critical path of Spelunky, there are a number of hidden areas that are tucked away for players to discover. Here’s how you get to Hell.

In order to get to Hell, players must complete a series of events along their adventure. These are as follows:

Step One: Collect the key and find the locked chest in The Mines. Unfortunately, because of the randomized nature of Spelunky’s levels, we can’t give you much more advice than this.

Step Two: In the second area of Spelunky, the jungle, you must find the Black Market. This is a little easier to find with the help of the locator you find in the locked chest from step one. Once you’ve found this, collect the ank from the shopkeeper.

Step Three: As you adventure around the Ice Caverns (Spelunky’s third area), you’ll need to look for the stone face statue. Once you have, simply die in whatever way you like. Now, you should respawn inside the statue with a headjet nearby. Pick it up and continue onwards.

Step Four: Now that we’re out of the Ice Caverns, it’s time to face-off against Anubis in the Temple stage. Once he’s defeated, collect his Scepter and in world 4-2, look for the golden door. When you do, the Scepter should act as a key of sorts to allow you through. Welcome to the City of Gold.

Step Five: Now that you’re in the City of Gold, simply pick up the Book of the Dead and prepare to battle Anubis II. Defeat him and escape out of this incredibly shiny city.

Step Six: For the final step, you’ll need to defeat Olmec by having him fall into the lava. This is the only way you’ll defeat him, but make sure he falls below the entrance to hell located directly above said lava. Once he’s dead, simply climb on and jump through the entrance from Olmec’s head.

And there are your six steps to make your way into Hell. It’s not an easy road and, unfortunately, there’s no faster way to get there, but it’ll feel damn good when you get there.

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