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5 Game Developers and Their Famous Recurring Easter Eggs


5 Game Developers and Their Famous Recurring Easter Eggs

Nothing like being told a joke more than once.

Rockstar and The Number 69

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If you’re a big fan of all things Grand Theft Auto, then you will notice many running gags over the years. Yet, did you know that the number 69 has been a recurring number throughout the series?

You can see this number in games such as Grand Theft Auto III, where there is a play being advertised everywhere called “69th street.” You can find more examples in Vice City where you’ll see the number as badges on Bloodring Bangers, cars used for demolition derbies. Players might find this reference aplenty in San Andreas where the military base in Bone County is called Area 69, or with the professional football team, the San Fierro 69ers. This tradition has continued all the way up to GTA 5 where players can find a store called, “Sessanta Nove,” on Portola Drive. The name of the store is Italian for 69 and is just one of the many ways that Rockstar hides this references in their games.

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