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No Man’s Sky: How to Shoot in Your Ship and on Foot


No Man’s Sky: How to Shoot in Your Ship and on Foot

How to Shoot – No Man’s Sky

While No Man’s Sky is definitely about exploration and discovery, there will definitely come a time when you need to fight some ne’er-do-wells. When that happens, you’ll need to shoot first (you know? like Han Solo). Now shooting is easy, but the button changes when you’re on foot and inside of your Starship.

When you’re on foot and need to blast some Sentinels, or just want to trim the population of the local fauna, hold R2 to blast anything in front of you with your Multi-Tool. It’s a steady stream that deals moderate damage, growing more powerful as you upgrade it. Do keep in mind that blasting animals will draw in the attention of the Sentinels, they don’t like you messing with nature.

As far as firing in a ship goes, you just have to press X/A to fire. Some weapons require charging, and you will need to make sure you have the Isotopes necessary to get the weapon ready. But as long as they have energy, you can shoot to your heart’s content.

Just remember, the creatures and other intelligent life forms you comes across can attack too. Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself being chased by some enemy ships because you tried to take down some innocent traders. Space is a truly dangerous place.

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