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No Man’s Sky: How to Learn Languages


No Man’s Sky: How to Learn Languages

Learning Languages – No Man’s Sky

As you explore the expansive universe of No Man’s Sky, you’ll come across different aliens and other sentient entities. They don’t all speak English. In fact, almost none of them do. When you first start out you’ll have to deal with reading a lot of gibberish. You’ll be given some clues as to what these words may mean, but you won’t be able to know for sure. Thankfully, there’s a way to learn the various languages that you’ll hear throughout your journey.

During your travels in No Man’s Sky, you’ll come across artifacts known as Knowledge Stones. These are black cylinders with a circle carved into them at the top. They won’t always be standing tall, as you can find them in caves, sticking out of the sides of hills and mountains, or even around Monoliths. On your HUD, the’ll pop up as a blue and white icon if you do an area scan.

Once you find one of these, walk up and interact with it. You’ll see the Knowledge Stone start to glow and then you’ll learn a word. They tend to be words of importance, so don’t worry about trekking only to learn the word “the” in some alien language. Next time you talk to someone who speaks that particular language, you’ll have a new clue as to what they’re saying.

You can also learn words of a language by interacting favorably with an alien species. Using context clues from the conversation description, try to do or say what the alien wants. If they’re pleased, they may teach you a bit of their tongue.

The least common way to learn an alien language is through random encyclopedia terminals. These are computers that can be found in any indoor area, though they are rare, and can teach you some words as well.

Every bit of information helps in No Man’s Sky, so never pass up an opportunity to learn something new. The universe is vast, and a lot of it is uncharted, so take advantage of anything you come across during your travels.

If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips!

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