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No Man’s Sky: How to Heal Damage


No Man’s Sky: How to Heal Damage

Sometimes you just need a little pick me up.

Healing – No Man’s Sky

With so many dangers in the world of No Man’s Sky in the form of animals, pirates, Sentinels, and just the environment itself, you’ll find yourself taking some serious damage every once in a while. Once your shields have given up and can’t take any more damage, the attacks will start taking chunks out of your health bar, making it more of a challenge to continue on your adventure to the center of the galaxy. Here’s how to heal yourself in No Man’s Sky.

There are a few different ways that you can heal yourself. The first is to look for plants that have healing attributes. To find these, all you have to do is use your area scan by pressing Circle or B while on foot or once you’ve landed (though you can only do this once you have the module to do so). Upon using your area scan, you should see a bunch of crosses popping up on your screen. Simply head towards these to find the healing plants and use these to restore your health.

Alternatively, you can always ask certain alien races for healing when you come across them on planets. Aliens can be found on a majority of planets, though not every one you come across will have the ability to heal you. You’ll want to look for the ones that are classed as Scientists. Speak to one of these and they’ll offer to heal you for a fee.

If you’d rather not pay to be healed, and can’t seem to find any plants nearby, you have two other options to heal yourself in No Man’s Sky. The first of these is to keep an eye out for glowing, blue cubes that will just randomly appear on planets from time to time. They’re pretty small but they’re always on top of a table so they shouldn’t be too difficult to find. The only issue with these, however, is that the buff they give you comes down to a bit of lady luck. While they will always give you a positive effect, it can heal you, replenish your armor, or just give you extra funds for those upgrades you’ve been wanting.

Finally, it seems that the saying about time healing all wounds reigns somewhat true in space, too. Simply avoid any danger for a little while and over time your health bar should slowly but surely regenerate.

That’s all of the ways we’ve found to heal in No Man’s Sky for now, but if we come across any other ways, we’ll be sure to update this post. If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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