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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Radnox and What it Does


No Man’s Sky: How to Get Radnox and What it Does

Radnox – No Man’s Sky

Out of all of the elements in No Man’s Sky, none are more rare than the Precious Elements. One of these elements, Radnox, happens to be the only one that you can find in special rocks on any planets, however, you will still rarely see it. Outside of the rare planetary encounter, you can purchase this resource in the Galactic Market for around 300 Units a piece.

If you do happen to get your hands on this valuable resource, there are a few upgrades that actually require Radnox. Other than that, this one’s mainly for selling. Still, you should definitely pick it up if you ever have the luck of stumbling across this resource. You never know, you just may find a galaxy willing to pay double the normal asking price.

Good luck finding this substance out in the universe. While you’re out in space, check out our No Man’s Sky wiki, or some of our most requested guides below.

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