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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Iron and What it Does


No Man’s Sky: How to Get Iron and What it Does

Iron – No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky will have you collecting a lot of different resources in your quest to the center of the universe. You’ll need these resources in order to craft all of the upgrades you want and to charge your technologies. One of the resources you’ll need a lot early on is Iron.

Iron is very common so you should have no issue finding it. Pretty much any mineable rock contains Iron and basic asteroids (those with no shiny bits) in space provide copious amounts of the basic metal. It’s important to keep a lot on you because this resource can:

  • Be used for crafting items.
  • Used to feed certain animals.
  • Charge your armor.
  • Sold (though it won’t sell for many Units in certain galaxies).

It will prove to be quite useful, especially at the beginning of your No Man’s Sky journey, so be sure to make room in your inventory. Remember to always move any resources you have in your Exosuit inventory into your ship’s so you can keep larger amounts of the resources you need the most with you at all times.

If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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