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No Man’s Sky: How to Feed Animals


No Man’s Sky: How to Feed Animals

With a smile and a song.

Feeding Animals – No Man’s Sky

Despite what mankind wants to think, we are not alone in this universe. In No Man’s Sky, you’ll find plenty of animals roaming around. You can either go about your way trying to find the sweetest loot and leaving the animal alone, or you can inspire to be the Snow White of the galaxy and feed them.

In order to appeal to the animals, you will need to feed them a food they enjoy. The problem is that the animals will run away upon meeting you and some might even attack you. You might have to chase after the more skittish species, so make sure you’re ready to sprint (R3).

Once you get up to the animal, you’ll have the option to feed them. You’ll need the right element, and it will usually take 20 of the same element. If you have the correct element already, you’ll be able to hold square to feed. Once you’ve successfully fed the animal, it will be friendly and have a smiley face over its head. You have just befriended the creature and now it can do some amazing things in return.

If you need any more help mastering the galaxy, make sure to check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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